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fab sixties devon band
the spirit of the sixties and beyond...
The greatest music from the greatest artists from the greatest era in pop, rock, motown and soul
A shed load of great songs you know plus a load of great songs you had forgotten you know
Not just a limp tribute band
FAB play with energy and drive, just as it would have been experienced live back in the day
But don't just take our word for it, here are some genuine reviews...
"These guys are all great, talented musicians - the real deal."
"Tight drums and bass flavoured with great guitar and some tasteful keys.
They all sing with great vocal harmony, which adds to the authentic 60's sound that we all know and love.
The whole pub was rocking with people dancing and singing along to this GREAT band."
"This is one of the best bands I have seen in the 50 years I have been avidly seeing and listening to bands"
"Just in case I didn't say it often enough on Saturday night - you guys were FANTASTIC.
I can't tell you how impressed we were, how much we enjoyed it and how you made the event a great success.
Thanks again for a great night. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loved you guys."
"Fantastic! We will be going to see them again and you must too if you love 60's music and great live music."
Beatles - Stones - Who - Kinks - Hollies - Manfred Mann - Spencer Davis - Motown - Monkees - Small Faces - Jam
FAB are all experienced musicians and singers who have performed on TV and Radio as well as
supporting acts as diverse as YES, Jeff Lynne (ELO), The Sweet and the Swinging Blue Jeans
john fab sixties Lord StJohn(Sinjun) Sipple

John is a professional drummer with a wealth of playing experience.   He is also manager of Instrumental Music Services and teaches hundreds of pupils each year.
John started playing drums at around age 10 using mum's knitting needles and a biscuit tin.   Our first rehearsal was a bit ropey, so we made him buy a proper kit.   Personally, I miss the biscuit tin.
In his spare time John is a mime artist, but he doesn't like to talk about it.
phil fab band 60s Sir Philippe deBasse-Voix

Phil has been playing for more years than his youthful good looks would suggest (what?!).
He is an experienced musician with appearances on MTV and radio 1 to his credit as well as supporting acts as diverse as YES, Jeff Lynne and the Sweet.   Infact, he has appeared on stage with many big name acts - until security threw him off.
According to Phil a bass guitar shall have no more than four strings, must have frets and if the instrument entirely obscures both nipples, you're wearing it too high.
The RtHon Pete Burrows QC

Pete is a versatile guitarist and vocalist capable of playing and singing songs from almost any genre.  
His influences include Mrs Doubtfire, Biffo the Bear and many others.
Pete actually joined FAB by accident, apparently he only answered the ad for 'singer wanted' because he had an old sewing machine for sale.
He recently joined the flat earth society where he gets to meet people from all over the globe.
guitarist Baron Von Tim MacQueen

Not much is known about Tim
All we know is that he had to leave Transylvania after conducting some dodgy experiments.
tim fab sixties
How much does it cost to book FAB?
It depends on a number of factors such as location, start and finish times,
early set-up, venue size and access.  Please contact us for a quotation.
Do FAB play only sixties music?
Pretty much. There are a couple of seventies songs that have a sixties feel.
How long do FAB play for?
We normally play 2 one hour sets, but we are flexible with this.
What size performance area do FAB require?
Ideally a minimum of 4 x 3 metres.
More is better, and a stage is even more betterer (sic),
although we'd settle for a slightly thicker carpet!
What sound and lighting do FAB have?
We have sufficient PA equipment for most
venues and basic lighting for the band.
What power do FAB require?
Two 13amp power sockets nearby should do it.
Ideally from circuits not in use by other equipment.
Do FAB need a dressing room?
Nice but not essential, however we do need somewhere to store our cases close to the performance area.
We also require a comfy chair for our resident nurse. That's her on the scooter btw - god bless rock and roll.